How easy do insurance companies provide a compensation

Each year, 160,000 road accidents happen in Canada. The growing number of drivers on Canadian roads makes it imperative for people to exercise more caution when driving on busy roads. In the event of a car accident, a driver could walk away from accident unharmed with no damage to the vehicle. In many cases, the driver can walk away with physical injuries, repair costs and diminished earning capacity. It’s important for all drivers hurt in a car accident to learn about rights and compensation.

The role of timeliness in the car accident


A major hurdle for many car injury victims is the discoverability rule. All drivers involved in any traffic incident should be aware of this important provision. The ambiguity of the laws concerning car accidents makes it important for a person to seek legal representation immediately when injury or property damage has occurred. The rule determines the person’s right to sue. The law is structured in a way that makes it difficult for a person to know whether or not there is a right to initiate a lawsuit. The average person would have a difficult time navigating legal hurdles like these successfully without the right guidance.

Working with insurance companies

Many accident victims choose to seek formal medical attention days or weeks after the car accident has occurred. It is important for individuals to seek immediate medical attention if an injury is suspected or minor pain is experienced immediately following the accident. Failure to sue within the right amount of time can result in denial of any compensation a person may be entitled to receiving. The application for benefits has to be submitted within a certain amount of time. The insurer has to be notified promptly of the incident. It’s important for the victim to be aware of these timelines if involved in an accident.

Pursuing action against the other driver

Many car accident victims get lost in the details of managing the repairs of the accidents that they quickly lose track of important deadlines like notification to sue. The other party involved in any accident only has several months to be notified of the intent to sue in a car accident case. If the other person is at-fault, the lawsuit must be launched within two years of the date of the accident.

Information is key

Information is key for the car accident victim. Being aware of the basic timeline provisions in Canadian law make it easier for a personal injury lawyer to handle the car accident case successfully. Gathering all of the appropriate documentation at the scene of the accident is essential in preparing for any claim or case. Alerting the authorities of the occurrence can make a difference in the outcome of a case. Medical assistance should always be sought whenever any injury is sustained to protect against potential medical and wage compensation issues.

Whenever an accident has occurred, the authorities should be contacted. If extensive damage or injury has resulted from the accident, a person should not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer. Legal protection prevents a person from having to face high medical costs, loss of compensation, or repair costs. All Canadian drivers should know their legal and compensation rights for traffic accidents if hurt in a car accident.